10 Home Remedies for Eczema

home remedies for eczemaEveryday things in your environment can cause those swollen, red patches on your skin to flare up and itch — cigarette smoke, pollen, even the clothes you wear.

Some of these triggers may originate from your home and others may not. Either way, you can find many solutions to these triggers in your home.

Here are 10 of the best home remedies for eczema that experts recommend using to stop the itch, reduce the swelling, and erase the redness.

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1. Change Your Laundry Detergent

The soap you clean your clothes with could be amplifying the burn in your skin. Avoid laundry detergents that use harsh ingredients, and instead choose those that are fragrance-free and neutral pH. You may even want to put your clothes on the double rinse cycle to ensure that all the soap gets washed out of them.

2. Wear Gloves at Night

Rule #1 of eczema prevention is “no scratching”. When you’re awake, this is something you have complete control over, but what happens when you’re asleep? Wearing gloves to bed can help you avoid unconsciously scratching in your sleep.

3. Take Warm Showers

home remedies for eczemaLong hot showers dry out your skin quickly, which causes your eczema to flare up. To minimize the itching, take warm showers for no longer than 15 minutes. Thoroughly dry your skin when you get out of the shower and seal in your skin’s moisture with a gentle, fragrance-free lotion.

4. Apply Anti-Itch Cream

If you happen to have some hydro-cortisone or calamine lying around, these creams make great home remedies for eczema. Besides providing you with instant relief from the burn and itch of eczema, these creams can eliminate the rash.

5. Use a Humidifier

A dry, hot climate is not a conducive environment for skin that is affected by eczema. If moving to a better climate isn’t an option, use a humidifier to put some moisturize back into your surroundings. Make sure to clean the humidifier often to prevent the growth of harmful germs.

6. Keep Cool

home remedies for eczemaWhen mercury goes up, it could cause your eczema symptoms to go up too. Apply a cold compress to the areas of your skin that are affected by eczema. Stay inside air-conditioned buildings as much as you can. Wear clothes that are cool and lightweight to minimize sweating.

7. Apply Olive Oil

Unfortunately, you can’t shed your scaly skin like a snake does, but you can reduce the scales by rubbing olive oil into your skin. Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce the redness and itching.

8. Make a Strawberry Paste

If you don’t plan on eating those strawberries in your refrigerator, you can use them to make a great home remedy for eczema. Blend up the strawberries to make a paste and apply it to your eczema. This should reduce pain, redness, and inflammation.

9. Eat Yogurt or Kefir

home remedies for eczemaAlthough the underlying cause of eczema is unknown, some experts say it’s caused by a weak immune system. The probiotics that are found in live culture yogurt and kefir can help boost your immune system; making you less likely to break out.

10. If All Else Fails…

Use a quality eczema treatment. Exzaderm is full of skin-conditioning oils that moisturize, soothe, and heal eczema-afflicted skin. This leading eczema treatment is also 100% safe and natural so it should cause any reactions or skin irritation. You can visit exzaderm.com to learn more!

Say Goodbye for Good!

With these home remedies for eczema in hand, you can effectively reduce the itching, swelling, and redness that come along with this troublesome skin condition. The best news is that these remedies work quickly; they’re affordable; and most of them can already be found in your home.

35 Responses to “10 Home Remedies for Eczema”

  1. This indeed is a very helpful article. I certainly will try these
    suggestions. I have to deal with this each winter. Michigan is a beautiful State, but the cold dry winter weather plays havoc with my poor skin. Thanks. Fran

    • My eczema flares up in the summertime ,,,it has started to get warm here in florida and I have seen several patches of redish white skin that itch on my legs and arms and its only february,,,,,,,here we go again,,,,I am going to try apple cider vinager this year,,,

      • tina_6163@yahoo.co.uk

        I lived in Florida for 12 years and suffered from excema since I was 2. The seawater and sun was the best cure and my skin looked great. If you live in Florida get into the ocean!! Unless your too far inland.

    • I ordered a pound of sulfur from a seller on Ebay for #10.00 When it arrived I mixed 7 tablespoons of this sulfur in a bowl with the contents of an 18 oz bottle of lotion. I stirred this with a tablespoon and it blended real well. I carefully poured the mixture back into the bottle….and I am having excellent results. I believe this is a big step forward!!!

  2. I have one long spot on my rgt. shin.it was really bad for 2 yrs.,then it went away.but theres been like a scar there.that was 3yrs ago.now,it’s come baaaaaaack.i think my eczema gets bad when i’m having a lot of stress.thanks for the articles.

  3. shirley harmeyer

    my boyfriend has been told he has eczema. He has been on 20 different medications from pills, steroids, and creams, even lotion, all both either prescription medication or OTC. Nothing has helped. I am going to try to get him to try the olive oil, yogurt, & cold compresses. he has even seen a specialist. this has been going on since Nov 2012. he is very sensitive about his appearance and this has really driven down his self esteem. going to try these suggestions and hope something helps. will keep you updated thanks for your help!!

  4. pamela

    I find it strange that it would be recommend to make a paste
    with strawberries as it is one of the foods that could trigger an allergic reaction to someone that is allergic to latex

  5. My condition is now affecting my scalp. My arms and legs are fine but my scalp drives me crazy in this warm weather. I will try eating yogurt, which I don’t really care for, and I will look for that Exazadern cream. Finding a dermatologist who takes this as serious as I do is difficult.

  6. Louise

    My grand daughter has a bad case of eczema. It is in her hands. She is a little over two years of age. She wakes up all hours of night scratching her hands and biting them during the day.She has them infected now and on an antibodic, but it is not helping the itching or pain.we need to find some type of gloves for babies to put on her hands to keep her from scratching and biting. My daughter and I desperately need help. The sleepless nights are getting to us and the baby. I am crying now as much as she is. I feel so sorry for her.

    • Miss Concerned

      They make gloves for babies. Walmart sells them. For toddlers regular gloves and mittens are fine and******* TIP: Just use a pair of thin our thick socks of the little one who is suffering ang put them over his or her hands to help prevent scratching. Hope this helps someone.

    • My daughter had the same problem when she was that age, and it was so miserable for her. Nothing we tried made the eczema go away, but the best thing we discovered for soothing the itch at night was giving her an icepack to sleep with. The cloth-covered bag kind worked best, filled half with water/half with ice cubes. She would tuck her little hands under it and was able to get some sleep. In fact, she’s 12 now and the eczema is gone, but she still sleeps with an icepack at night.

  7. Kimberly McGinn

    Will anyone listen?
    I was born with severe asthma, allergic to everything and bad eczema. I started my period when I was 9 years old. All my symptoms started to go away and by the time I was 10 yrs old I seemed to be cured. I am now 53 and in menapause. The eczema slowly returned. I scratch until I bleed on my forearms, back of arms and neck. One of the ways I get relief is putting scalding hot water on affected areas. It is such an intense relief it is almost like an orgasm. I am exhausted afterwards. I believe it has something to do with a missing hormone. Possibly Testosterone? I don’t believe this cream will help.

  8. I would advice wet wrapping (wet, warm hand towels and wash cloths at night), especially for young children. Sterile gauze wet wraps during the day. probiotics rather than yogurt. vanicream products (including Robathol oil) Remove all scented products from the home. warm baths with Epsom salt or if severe infection, consider bleach baths.

  9. Missy Finlay

    My daughter has ecxama and we use Irish seaweed baths to eleminate her symptoms. It worked so well we opened a seaweed soaking spa in newoprt beach. We have had lots of clients with ecxama do soaks . We have had great results . Seaweed SOK.com

  10. Change your diet! We expect to eat whatever we want and then get a magic pill or ointment to fix us. Instead change what you eat: Eggs, dairy, peanuts, wheat can all be triggers. No dairy and cutting down on wheat has cured mine. (I can still eat peanuts). Figure out what you can and can’t eat. Also read up on Oral Allergy Syndrome if you have allergies and what foods to avoid.

  11. This potential remedy is FREE and easy. Saliva, yes spit. By reading Gulp by Mary Roach, I learned about the healing properties of saliva. Did you ever get a cut in your mouth and have it gone overnight or a few days? I’ve had a small patch of eczema on my ankle for decades. A few months ago it started getting scabby, itchy, and sore. I started applying spit with my finger (real spit, not just licking wet). It is half gone. Unfortunately, I did not take before and during pictures – don’t make that same mistake. Try it, what do you have to lose? It’s FREE.

  12. Still suffer with it diet helps and exercise suntan booth aveeno products only had a good last year Like to move to Colorado or Washington state for me but cold and rain don’t help !

  13. I am a mother of three and have two children that suffer from eczema. My daughter suffers the most during pollen season, so I try to make sure her body is mostly covered when she’s outside and make sure she immediately washes all exposed areas when she can. Acidic foods are also a factor for her. Mostly strawberries, pineapples and definitely anything tomato based are her number 1 triggers. For my son oranges, lemon, and lime are his weakness. He just loves the tang, but has learned to love his healthy skin more than the foods he eats. Benadryl will help stop the itch , but it won’t take the scares and scales away. my best solutions have been raw shea butter and mineral oil, or virgin olive oil immediately after a shower or bath.

  14. I try to find home treatments for my eczema, but I need creams a lot too. I think I’ll try some of these remedies though! It can never hurt to try new things.

  15. sparkette

    Have had eczema since childhood. Gets worse, better, and for long periods stays with me. I have found several conditions that increase intensity & severity..warm ( and hot ) weather, not keeping skin moisturized,chlorine, stress, and allergies to drugs.I have severe reactions to several rx’s I have taken, so please check side effects of any meds you may be taking. Since I’m allergic to sulfur don’t dare try that option. Beware.if taking thyroid meds, check before injesting ANY sea products! I don’t even trust on my skin; it gets absorbed.
    Yes, eczema CAN appear anywhere on the body! I have discovered a few things that are helpful…no scripts.They are useless for me.
    But, surprise, Vicks VapoRub takes away intense itching. Coconut oil helps…moisturizes,as well as olive oil. Both are actually good for us anyway. Oatmeal baths are great if on lower body. Otherwise, cook up some oatmeal ( no salt), and massage hands,arms, or other areas with the cooked oatmeal, for as long as you can. When it’s completely cooled, it’s effectiveness stops.But, it does heal somewhat,and takes the itch & stinging away! Glycerin & rose water helps as well. I’ve learned to stay away from benedryl ( pills ). It’s a weight gainer!!
    Since I have so many allergic reactions to drugs, I am going to try the suggestion about oral allergy site. Thank you. Along with the unusual ‘spit’ treatment. Maybe someday , there will be a natural totally effective treatment! I do need to pay more attention to when I react , and what I’ve eaten or have been. I do know chlorine is a big offender for me. Had to stop going to pools. Now have chlorine filter in shower,as well as tub. Really helps.Good luck everyone.

  16. sparkette

    I forgot to mention, do NOT use oatmeal directly in bath water. It will plug up the plumbing. There are oatmeal concoctions that can be purchased in store,Walgreen’s ,etc. I found my last pk. at the dollar store.
    And, my best remedies that bring almost instant relief,it I don’t want to mess with the oatmeal ( mine is on hands & arms right now ), witch hazel works wonders. One must apply at least 3 – 4 times a day. Also,do you know NOXZEMA was originally developed for the relief of eczema? Hence,the name. That’s what I slather on in AM and PM,and it does help. Warm showers only. Hot water is a killer. Humidity,whether the weather or inside home is something I can’t tolerate. When taking showers, I always finish with about 2 minutes with as cold water as I can stand. Makes it easier to face the day..so cooling,& refreshing,especially in warm weather, followed by a generous amount of Noxzema to tackle the day.
    Hope some or at least one of these suggestions will work for you!! Keep the faith.

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